The Crap Basket


Too much crap around the house? Need a quick tidy in the evening?


– Find a large basket to be your home’s official “Crap Basket”!
– Take 3-5 minutes to do a tidying sweep in the main living areas; pick up items that don’t belong in there and place them in the basket. Bring the basket to the rooms where things ACTUALLY belong.

Now, either:
a) Put them back where they belong.
b) Dump the contents onto your child's bed, husband's workbench, etc. Now it's their problem! (my favorite option)
*If this is a new practice to you, you may be able to do this over & over. That's fine! Just start with several "basket reloads" each night & it'll get you moving in the right direction!

** The majority of items that I find in our living space are kids socks, shoes, wrappers, mail that didn't make it to my office, or items that need to go downstairs. When picking things up, I tend to create mini-piles within the basket for items going to different rooms.

Here's my favorite basket for the job:
Happy tidying!

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