Mood Board in 30 Seconds

Bringing your design ideas to life can be simpler than you think. Here are five elements to include in your mood board:

1. Inspiration – notice the commonalities between the photos you can’t stop staring at. Color, furniture style, architectural elements, etc.

2. Color Palette – Once you have your design style in mind, choose 4-5 main colors to carry throughout.

3. Finishes - Using a limited variety of metals, wood grains, etc. will help your design feel more intentional.

4. Key Pieces - Maybe you actually started with this, that's okay! If not, find an amazing rug, artwork, or piece of furniture that makes a statement to build your space off of.

5. Accents - Use a variety of color tones & visual textures to bring additional interest to the space without overpowering your key pieces.

Happy mood board making, friends!! Ps- Canva is a wonderful free tool I enjoy using to make these. The background remover for pics works awesome!

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