Peak Productivity

Be true to yourself for peak productivity!
Know your:


Are you most productive early in the morning, the afternoon, or evening?
Schedule your focused workblocks during those times & remove distractions too!


What things motivate you to work?
Reward yourself with that chocolate button after 20 minutes of focused work! Or give yourself a stretch break & a granola bar after replying to those emails. Bribe yourself, baby!


Are you inspired, curious, and motivated? Or are you feeling drained, distracted, or sad?
Whatever your mood, be honest with your capability to work. You may work twice as fast & three times as effective if you work when you're in the right mental state.


What are your highest priorities?
Take a little time to distill what is the most important to you today, this week, and this month! Hint: Look at our post from earlier this month on Task Batching; it has practical hints on prioritizing!


Necessary sleep time is definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach. 7-8 hours is the general consensus for needed sleep. Yet my husband functions great after 6 hours of sleep, and I need a solid eight for working efficiently. So, it pays to know your "sleep number"!

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