Make excuses or Make changes…You Decide

Life has taught me that people care little about our excuses, and a lot more about how we live.
We all know that person who continually has reasons why they can’t show up, try, or achieve things that they need or want to do.

Struggles with health, time, money, relationships, and life transitions can all be a barrier to achieving the life that we want to live. That is totally normal. For years, I was consumed with frustrations over my MS affecting both my cognitive & physical abilities. It... really... sucked!

But continually ruminating on why we can't do things (aka: making excuses) robs us of our ability to rethink, pivot, & then work towards achieving our goals- just in a different way than we initially though (aka: making changes). So while I was frustrated that I couldn't do things the same way as before, I shifted my mindset to focus on what I COULD versus COULDN'T do.

So what are you ruminating on? And how can you instead rethink, pivot, & then work towards the goal that is in front of you?

I’m Sara! Wife, mom, entrepreneur, and serial dreamer. I’m happily “adulting”, even though my brain operates like a toddler on espresso. But… simplifying my home, priorities, and routines has allowed me to chase this dream (hello blog-land!). So thanks for stopping by! And if you love giant bernedoodles, landscape design, and dark chocolate, well… I’m pretty sure we just became besties.