Can you REALLY organize too much stuff?

Don’t shoot the messenger, but you simply cannot out-organize having too much stuff. This is especially true for your closet, so here are a few quick items to weed out & get your inventory back in check.

Sentimental - those old t-shirts, etc. that remind you of good times, but you'll likely never actually wear. Oust or move these to the same spot you store other sentimental items.

Specialty & Costume - Type - These could be sports jerseys you only wear for the big games or clothes & accessories you'd only dig into for a themed / costume event. Keep in its own area so that you can easily find when the time comes without cluttering your daily wardrobe.

Damaged - Whether stained, torn, or missing a button, you're not getting closer to "fixing" it when located here in your closet. Make a separate to-do bin for these items, or come to terms with reality and let. it. go.

Your closet and daily routine will thank you!!

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