Saying “No” is actually saying “Yes”

Let this sink in…
Every time you say NO to something, you’re saying YES to something else.
This concept has forever changed my life- for the better! While reading The Best Yes (by Lysa TerKeurst), I came to understand that anytime I said YES to an outside commitment, I was actually saying NO to that time with my husband, family, or time to take care of myself or my home.

The commitments were almost always good and beneficial to the community it touched. Or it used to be that I'd have multiple friend dates per week or playdates for our young girls. All great things! But too many good commitments were draining me of the time I needed to be spending directly with my family. Or the time I needed to be getting things done at home. So I started thinking along these lines:

"I am going to say NO to the less important things so that I can say YES to the truly meaningful things!"

It was a life-changer for me & I still consider myself a YES-person at heart. But I'm no longer afraid to say NO if I know it's burying my BEST YES.

I’m Sara! Wife, mom, entrepreneur, and serial dreamer. I’m happily “adulting”, even though my brain operates like a toddler on espresso. But… simplifying my home, priorities, and routines has allowed me to chase this dream (hello blog-land!). So thanks for stopping by! And if you love giant bernedoodles, landscape design, and dark chocolate, well… I’m pretty sure we just became besties.