Light Fixtures

Choosing light fixtures & finishes for a new build or whole-home renovation can be overwhelming. Here are three C’s to consider when looking at styles:

1. Compliment – lighting is one piece of your design’s puzzle. It can help enhance or balance the overall look of a room. For example, we chose fixtures with primarily round/circular details to help bring softness to the linear architecture of this client’s home.

2. Coordinate - Look for similar styles that incorporate 2-3 key elements rather than matching everything in order to bring a more custom designed feel to your space.

3. (choose the) Correct Scale - The size of your lighting is just as important as the style. Be sure to cross reference the product measurements to that of the space before ordering. Looks online and even in store can be deceiving!

There are many things to consider when selecting lighting. It’s worth the time to think through off of the “C”s.

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